10 Simple Steps For A More Sustainable Life

10 simple steps for a more sustainable life

The earth is asking you to reduce your waste! You can begin this way

We are observing more and more catastrophic events and natural disasters. They may seem something aloof and irreversible, but every one of us is responsible for global warming and waste emergency. You can help reducing these problems becoming more conscious and eco-friendly. How?

Find here 10 easy tricks to make a positive impact on the environment! You will ameliorate your life and the planet will thank you.

  1. Recycling is necessary.

You can’t avoid it. At the beginning it could seem challenging, but you won’t go back from recycling. It is the most important thing you can do for the planet and you can’t delay it anymore. Buying objects made from recycled materials will give you a pervasive sense of gratification; they help reducing waste and pollution, and they are sound and functionals as the new ones.

  1. Disposable items are not ‘normal’.

They raise exponentially the amount of waste we produce every day. If you can’t bring your own gadget, ask for sustainable ones or avoid shops that don't offer them. Little by little, you can prompt the retailers you attend to become more responsible; consumers have immense power in this sense. Let’s begin asking for more attention towards the planet!

Small gestures make the difference.

  1. Plastic bags are unfashionable.

You can bring your favorite tote bags with you everywhere: they don’t take up too much space, they’re ecological and reusable… and they make you express your personality! Imagine how many things you can say about yourself with the right catch on your totebag!

  1. Straws admitted only for children

…but neither. They are absolutely unnecessary to taste your drink, and they foul up a lot. Do you know how many straws end into the ocean after being used for few minutes? When you go into a café or restaurant, ask for the waiter not to bring you a straw. A glass or cup is enough to chill and enjoy your favorite drink!

  1. Say no to pointless packaging!

Plastic is everywhere, but there’s an alternative! With little effort you can choose unwrapped vegetables and fruit at the supermarket, and refuse single-serving portions which pollute – and cost – too much, for you and for the environment.  This way you can avoid unnecessary extra waste… plus, the fresh food tastes always better!

  1. Buying local helps everyone.

If you start buying local, there is way less packaging and transitions involved. Local economy and neighbors benefit a lot. You get fresh and healthier food, know where it comes from, and save money. Plus, it is way more fun, as you start discovering your neighborhood and meeting the shop tenders very often, so you can raise the sense of community. What’s better than recreating a close sense of community even in urban areas?

  1. Flasks are cool.

We consume too many plastic bottles every day. It doesn’t make any sense. You can buy one reusable bottle, stainless steel or silicone, and you can refill it everywhere. Plus, you can hide your favorite drink inside it and smuggle into the cinema.

  1. Home composting is easy!

You can reduce the landfill waste you produce by composting it at home and reusing it for your garden to grow better. Double benefit coming! You will have your ecological moral sense safe and the most beautiful balcony, full of aromatic plants for your gourmet dinners or wonderful flowers.

  1. Fixing is a sexy skill!

Consumerism has accustomed us to throw away objects that no longer “work”. Before buying a new item, try to figure out if you can fix the broken one. You will save money and avoid polluting. Plus, you can impress your next-door neighbor with your very sexy fixing skills!

  1. Ice-creams are meant for cones.

Have you ever seen anyone eating ice-creams in cups? If you are one of them, you can easily be more sustainable by starting to eat your ice-cream the old-fashioned way: on a delicious cone!

A cone is tastier (plastic cups are not that yummy), and it helps the planet because it does not produce any waste. So, ice-creams bring happiness – to you and to the earth.


These are few ways to start becoming more conscious and eco-friendly – simple changes which can ameliorate your life. Good news: you can live well while doing something good for the planet!  


- Alessandra Z.

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