8 Tips To Make A Difference For The Planet, Starting Today.

8 Tips To Make A Difference For The Planet, Starting Today.

Make a difference for the planet! The way to sustainability is easy, if you know how

Every year the Overshoot Day – the date when humanity’s demand for resources exceeds what Earth can sustain in that year – comes earlier. In 2020, also due to the impacts from the pandemic, the Day fell on August 22nd. That is to say, after that date we have been consuming more resources than what our plant produces, and the biocapacity of the Earth is not enough to sustain our ecological footprint. Deforestation, hurricanes, desertification, scarcity of water, loss of biodiversity, extinctions: these events are nothing else than the consequences of our ridiculous waste of resources.

In this worrying situation, to reduce our footprint on the planet is absolutely necessary. It might seem too difficult to think you can make a real difference. But try to imagine every one of us takes to care about the environment. Unity is strength, and together we can work for improving the health of our planet. How? We have a few tips to join the green revolution, live a sustainable life and take care about the earth.

  1. Beef-up your veggie diet

It takes 14 times as much biologically productive land to produce 1 ton of beef as it takes to produce 1 ton of grain. Do you think sometimes you can skip your meat and enjoy a vegetarian, equally delicious meal?

It works also if you are doing a protein-rich diet: try beans, soy, chickpeas, quinoa, pistachio, almonds or wild rice!

  1. Pay attention to water waste

For how we are used, the daily average consume of water is 220 litres per capita: two-hundred-twenty-litres ever single day! It is time to reduce this waste with simple precautions: remember to close the tap off while you’re brushing your teeth or you’re lathering in the shower. It will make the difference if we all do it every day.

  1. You can tell a man by the (vehicle) he keeps

It is absurd to use a car per person – it has five seats. Try to travel with public transport, or organize car sharing with friends and colleagues. Better, some companies and public authorities have instituted prizes in money for people who reach their job by cycling or walking. In this way, you’ll keep fit, reduce emissions and even earn a small sum.

  1. Ask for the doggy bag – even if you don’t have pets

The food scraps you leave at the restaurant – that delicious food you would not be able to cook even led by the best chef – are thrown away with no sense. Do you know it is not outrageous anymore to ask for a doggy bag? Imagine you can eat that food tomorrow, avoiding food waste, making the chefs happy for having appreciated their job… and even solving the issue of tomorrow’s lunch.

  1. Make trips, not holidays

It is easier than you think to transform your holidays in a real experience, full of authentic cuisine, connection to the place you choose, relax and adventure. Exploring new places can be the occasion to provide benefits to local communities without exploiting their territories, respecting the nature and culture of the destinations. For example, seek out high quality small-scale hotels, buy typical food products and ask the locals how to live their territory to the fullest. It will transform your experience in an authentic immersion into a new world you will never forget.

  1. Streamline your wardrobe

With the 2020 lockdown we learnt we can survive months wearing our favourite old sweatpants, and renouncing to fast fashion. Now that we have re-discovered sociality, let’s remember the lesson. We do not need twenty different pairs of shoes, even they’re so cool. We can create a cool outfit for any occasion mixing and matching few clothing items. And, if you just cannot say no to shopping, consider about buying used and vintage clothing to reduce resource use. Anyway, ‘80s and ‘90s are coming back!

  1. Improve the efficiency of your home

LEDs lightbulbs will make you save about 75 percent electricity. Don’t forget to buy them next time, and you will save on the bills too. Also, remember to turn your devices off when you don’t need them, or they keep drawing power. On the long run, it will make the difference.

  1. Saturday shopping with personality

You don’t need to ask for all those shopping bags and packaging you’ll throw away as soon as you put a toe in your house. Bring your own tote bag with you when you go shopping, and do envy to other people for its coolness!

There is scientific evidence a tote bag – and the way you take care about the planet – expresses your personality more than your zodiac sign.


Having an impact is easier than we think, the more we wait, the more we are going to lose.


- Alessandra Z.

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